By Gillian
Published: March 16, 2008

BibliotrophyHer fingers traced the first picture on the page, the spiral pathway winding around the mountain, and she wondered how it felt to live beneath such danger. How did people sleep at night knowing that, with very little notice, the volcano might awaken to gush molten lava down on them?

As she lifted her gaze from the page to rub her tired eyes, she caught sight of the time. She got quickly to her feet, shutting the book and leaving it on her empty chair as she crept upstairs to bed.

Although she stepped carefully, the soft creaks of the wooden stairs called out like sentries proclaiming her approach.

He was asleep, of course, and she pulled gently at the covers, guilty at forgetting her promise not to study too late. She slipped into bed beside him, realising how cold she was as she felt the sudden warmth of his body, and lay still, not wanting to wake him.

She listened to the even sound of his breathing and, her body finally warm, pressed against him.

He stirred then and turned to face her, his eyes flickering open.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

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