Holiday Blues
By B. Gallatin
Published: December 3, 2007

Holiday Blues

The Holiday season is filled with memories of loved ones past. Memories of youth and the magic of holidays with the anticipation of opening brightly colored, wrapped gifts as well those times as a child you lay on the floor, blurring your eyes while staring up at the Christmas tree lights and ornaments in wonderment of the occasion and desperately trying to remember if we've been bad or good.

Seasonal tunes on radio, television and the shopping mall music bombard our ears and each song has a memory attached. Those songs remind us of something or someone lost. There is no escape; these songs are ever present everywhere.

The magic of the season has been replaced with the reality that those precious moments with family and friends are gone forever. It's like an annual reminder of the passing of our youth and the magic of believing in something more than worldly.

In the mean time we will have to be satisfied with watching our children, grandchildren and all children, for that matter, rejoice in the magic the season offers. We will hide our sadness for their sake.

We’ll miss our Moms, Dads, Grandparents, pets and friends of our youth every time this season comes. Without fail we are overcome with emotion at least once. We have a cry and a wish we could return to those times lost. So have a toast to those gone and embrace those near and dear.