Writers Lament
By B. Gallatin
Published: November 9, 2007

I write about pleasure
as well about pain
I paint with words
though it racks my brain
I write in the mornings
I write in the night
Some times it's easy
as a bird in flight
Most times I struggle
the words won't flow
that's when it's painful
so painfully slow

Clickity clickity click
clickity clickity clack
I stare at blank pages
will I ever get the knack?
I write a line or two
and sometimes three
I review them and delete
if I don't like what I see
I toss around thoughts
as they roll in my mind
those words and expressions
are so hard to find

Why did I decide
on writing for a craft
I must like torture
hell I must be daft
I read the great poets
with perfect meter and rhyme
their words so perfect
their words so divine
No stopping now
writings become an obsession
I'll keep pouring my heart out
in spite of rejection