By DonnaG
Published: October 16, 2007
Updated: September 5, 2010


she owns
a series of cotton-lined wicker baskets,
pale brown woven hold-alls made in
some third-world country,
organizers for all the stuff
that goes on sale regularly
at IKEA and Tescos

on her shelves these wicker baskets
look oh-so-pretty, tidy indicators
of how smart she is, how chic
in her decorating sense, stylish in her
desire for order

Box #1 – labelled “Sensibility” --
holds the mask she wears when she's taking the piss

in receding order of size, the rest of her
sweet little wicker baskets
contain others of varying expressions:
“Tolerance” (which smacks of boredom),
“Utopia” with eyes closed,
“Pancake” syrupy slick,
“Introspection” and “Dissonance”, both rather disturbingly goth

the bottom container
is empty and
at night, she crawls through the dark
and slides her cold fingers inside it

searching for her face


Donna's interlinking series of prose poems "Two Double Beds in a Comfort Hotel" can be found in New Writings in the Fantastic. Pendragon Press is the publisher and it's being launched September 2007 in Nottingham, UK at Fantasycon (presented by The British Fantasy Society).

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