Spring Fever
By B. Gallatin
Published: October 16, 2007

I get sleepy in the Spring

L ack of energy comes to me with the warmth
O blivious to the flora bursting all around
V egetation will once again be in abundance
E very nook and cranny will be in growth

T oo soon pollen will fill the air
O ften causing me sinus problems

W ishing I could go elsewhere
R esigned to my fate
I  will endeavor to live through it
T omorrow will be better I say
E ven thought I know it won't be

O vermedication will see me through
F ortunate for me the meds exist

S inging birds always accompany the season
P leading for a mate
R epeating their calls
I ncessantly morning till evening
N oisily they chirp, tweet and whistle
G ood days, better days are ahead.